I truly believe that when you look good and your skin is glowing, you feel great!

My makeover packages suit women of all ages and life stages. My professional makeup kit contains only the best quality high performance organic and natural makeup. I will show you how to create a quick and easy look in less than 10 minutes. Having young children, I understand how busy mornings can be when you are rushing out the door.



Back To Work Makeover – 1.5hrs          $130*


·       Great for new mums returning to the workforce or looking to re-style their look.

·       This consultation streamlines your makeup routine and makeup products.

·        Learn how to create a quick and simple daytime look.

·       Return to work with confidence as I take the guess work out of your daily makeup routine.


Mum And Daughter Makeovers – 2hrs          $200*


·       Perfect for when your teenage daughter is just starting to wear makeup and for mums who would like to update their look.

·       Learn how to create a natural glowing look using makeup that’s healthy and beneficial for you and your daughter’s skin.


Makeup Bag Detoxes – 1.5hrs          $130*


I am passionate about Green Beauty and will help you switch your mainstream toxic makeup to organic and natural products. I will show you how to create a glowing makeup look using nontoxic makeup that lasts. 60% of what you put on your skin is absorbed into your blood stream and my natural makeup is free of toxins, parabens, sulfates, preservatives, to name a few nasties found in most mainstream makeup brands.


·       This consultation detoxifies your makeup kit.

·       I recommend high performance natural makeup for your specific needs.

·       Learn how to create a quick and easy makeup look using only natural products.


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* A travel fee may apply outside of the North Shore area.

* Group consultations available upon request, email for a quote